Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eating Out in Tokyo: Park Hyatt Tokyo

Romantic Dinner at The New York Grill, Park Hyatt

I would like to apologize for the poor quality of the photos or the lack of them, I was too shy to whip out our slr kekeek

The library


After Tofu Delivery King and I finish up a bottle of Moet we became hungry again so we stopped at a road side noodle stall for supper

Videos below are the night sceneries taken from the New York Grill

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eating Out in Tokyo: Ginza銀座

Kaen Yakiniku - Ginza Branch
Yakiniku is a style of japanese cooking of bite sized meat and vegetables or seafood on griddles over flame wood of carbonized by dry distillation 炭火. Kaen is one of the best meals during our trip in tokyo.
Spring onions and tare sauce

Their signature tofu pot

Our yakiniku set - that consists of butter fish, abalone, scallops, pork, lobster, sea urchin, alaskan crab claws, tuna in skewers and assorted vegetables

Crab claws attack !

Scallop with melted butter and spring onions
Lobster and fresh abalone

The marinated pork is superb it's the japanese 'black pig' meat
But the sauce caused a minor fire hehe
Lobster head miso soup
Hotpot rice

Kaen has many branches but the queue is insane therefore reservation is strongly suggested.

The End.

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Ketchup Queen

Eating Out in Tokyo: Shimbashi新橋

Hokkaido Seafood Izayaka - Shimbashi Branch
北海道 新橋四丁目店 - 海鮮居酒屋

If you're not going to to Hokkaido then let hokkaido come to you. I'm a die-hard fan of the Alaskan King Crab so obviously I won't pass up the chance to dine in a restaurant that specializes in alaskan crabs. I found this restaurant from Hotpepper.jp and I couldn't stop salivating when I saw this from their website:


XL size Crab legs !!
That night we had a whole crab shabu-shabu
The crab legs have been conveniently separated by the kitchen staff

Tadah my favourite way of eating the alaskan crab - baked with sea salt

OMG.... I want it i want it now
The roe inside our enormous crab

Conrad Tokyo's Executive Lounge

After our scrumptious crab feast we went to our hotel's executive lounge to have a couple of drinks and to enjoy the night view

Tofu Delivery King had his oden and juice

I had my after meal chocolates and champers

What a luscious evening it was.

Signing off,

Ketchup Queen

Eating Out Tokyo: Ikebukuro 池袋

俺たちのとりとん Izakaya

The streets of ikebukuro are teaming with izakayas and pachinko parlours and KTVs and game arcades as ikebukuro hosts as a favourite hangout area for university students - they are everywhere in that area ~ the izakaya that we went to specializes in pork and chicken meat in fact you can any part of the pork or chicken that you want but they serve mostly skewered dishes ( yakitori )being a izakaya that is a must have and they are also famous for their oden, I shall elaborate further below:
Their oden is the best that I've eaten in Tokyo I've eaten some from the roadside stalls on the streets but none of them beats the ones they serve in this izakaya the daikon and the sausage was superb I don't know how they can make such a simple dish so delicious and not to mention at very affordable prices, i think it is the magic in the seasoning ; )
Oden*is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed fish cakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth*
I don't collect matches but these are too adorable to pass up
Pickled vegetables as appetizers
We were worried that we wouldn't know what or how to order owing to the fact that we do have a language barrier but when we opened up the menu we found out that there are detailed illustrations on the parts of the chicken or pork in the menu plus we do read chinese so it made ordering easier

Beverage Menu
My orange flavoured sake cocktail, I had two and start to feel abit tipsy
This is the minced meat hamburg with poached egg yummy

Pork cutlet
Our tsukune

Unfortunately we were too hungry and too busy chowing down our dinner we stopped taking pictures from then but overall this is a very cozy and friendly restaurant and i think it would be a perfect place for friends to catch up with each other and reminisce about the good old days not to mention they make really STRONG sake cocktails ^_^

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Eating Out in Tokyo: Shinjuku 新宿

Tasty Delights At Odakyu and Takashimaya's Food Hall

If you are looking for a light meal or a light lunch or the fact that you like to sample a little bit of everything the Japanese food hall is the place to go and I love to scour for food in food halls because it is full of surprises and you'll never know what you might find and below are some of the food that we've bought from Odakyu and Taka's foodhall.

My chocolate fudge sundae i couldn't wait another second to dig in ! I want more more more !

Tofu Delivery King's Waffles with raspberry sorbet and assorted fruits
Look at that XL size bunch of grapes I had to buy it

A cute Henri Charpentier Cookie Bag
Half priced sushi platter only RM18
By the way the beautiful bunch of grapes are really juicy and sweet ; )

Macarons - Honestly i prefer their fillings than the Laduree's macarons because the Henri Charpentier ones are more moist and chewy

Yes, I made Tofu Delivery King to buy me the heart shape cookie :D
Ekiben is something that I've always wanted to buy not because of the food inside BUT THE BOX, I know I'm so shallow hahaha but i just can't resist their ever so pretty packaging

This is my first Ekiben

*Ekibento - Bentos sold at railway stations (Eki)

Extra Large Ebi tempura nigiri style but by the time it reaches our hotel room it got all soggy : (

Tori Katsu Don - The old lady at the stall makes great katsudon sauce
Tsukune - chicken meatballs
Shinjuku at night

Now this is something that we don't usually see, the japanese are Gods of Vending Machines you can even get rice vending machines there but I have no idea that even restaurants uses vending machines to take food orders how smart and convenient !

These coupon selling restaurants are usually found in railway stations
ps we've tried one of these coupon restaurant at the Roppongi Eki and it was good

Teddy christmas tree at Takashimaya, and yes these pictures actually dates back to december *shy* and that shows that i'm such a procrastinator.
Next up..... Ikebukuro ! Stay Tuned.
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