Thursday, May 05, 2005

Seafood Day!

Today we decide to eat seafood. Ended up eating seafood for lunch AND dinner.

For lunch, we had lobster set lunch (above picture). It consist of clam soup, egg fried rice, boiled brocolli, clams with special 'lite chilli sauce', half a lobster with creamy sauce and dessert. The star of the set lunch was of course the lobster. It was fried and then cooked with a creamy sauce. Very Good!

Of course, we did not just have the lobster set lunch. We ordered some yummy side dishes to go with our lobster set lunch. The picture above is fried unagi chips. Served with pickled lotus root. The unagi pieces were fried till crispy and sprinkled with sesame seed. Very good when eaten with the pickled lotus root.

Another side dish was fresh oyster. Ordered three and they were HUGE! Very juicy and served simply with lemon and tabasco sauce.

Next side dish was the giant lala steamed with fresh and fried garlic. This dish must have been the best of the side dishes we ordered.

Also ordered clams fried 'kam heong' style.

This is the end result of all the food ordered!! YUMZ!!

In the afternoon decided to go 'yum cha' had a citron presse and lemonade berry. Very refreshing drinks especially since its been so hot in town lately.

For dinner, we decided to have some crabs. Wanted to have female crabs with the crab roe but all that was available were meat crabs. Ordered two crabs fried 'kam heong' style and another two crabs fried with salted eggs. Both finger licking GOOD!!

-Makan Kings-


Blogger babe_kl said...

Hmm would be great if you could disclose where you had those yummilicious seafood! *salivating*

1:25 PM, May 06, 2005  
Blogger Makan Kings said...

babe_kl: Set lunch was at Ocean Seafood Village, Jalan Conlay. Next to Prince Hotel, opposite Seri Melayu. Look out for a big no. 8 as u enter the carpark. Crabs were eaten at South Pacific Seafood, PJ Old State Theatre. Glad to see you reading out blog. Hope you can help us to spread the word about this blog. Happy eating!!

-Makan Kings-

10:28 PM, May 06, 2005  

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