Friday, May 06, 2005

Porridge, Japanese Food

Woke up early this morning. Decided to go have our favourite pork ball + shredded chicken rice porridge (picture above) with a side order of 'siew yoke' (well, actually the porridge stall doesnt sell 'siew yoke', it was bought from another stall nearby.

Above picture is a close up of the fantastic pork ball + shredded chicken rice porridge and the equally fantastic 'siew yoke'.

For lunch, decided to have some good japanese food.

The 'Tori Aspara Set' (above picture). Not really sure if the spelling is correct but this set includes a salad, miso soup, pickles, rice and fried chicken rolls. Asparagus were rolled into the chicken and deep fried, served with lemon and what seemed like tarta sauce.

Closeup of the fried chicken rolls (above picture). The green stuff in the middle of the rolls are asparagus.

For side dishes (we cant help ourselves!!) we ordered a Spider Roll (top picture) and a mixed Sashimi platter. The Spider Roll is basically soft shelled crab maki. The mixed Shashimi platter included salmon, tuna, squid, scallops and another type of fish which we dont know.

Will be posting dinner pictures later so stay tuned!!

-Makan Kings-


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