Sunday, November 27, 2005

Biggest Roti Tissue

Went for "yum cha" session with some friends the other night at Kayu Nasi Kandar at Tesco, Damansara Perdana. Notthing really special until one of my friends ordered the roti tissue.

When the waiter brought the roti tissue over I couldnt believe my eyes!! That must be the tallest roti tissue I have ever seen!!

The picture above shows the man making the roti tissue. It is by no means an easy task. I guess he had much practice so its not really a problem for him.

Here is my friend staring in amazement at the HUGE roti tissue. The expression on his face together with the comparison of the roti tissue and his body says it all.

Anyway, when it came time to eating the monster, it had to be placed lying down on two plates. Taste wise its ok. They added condensed milk and honey to the roti tissue. Must say the honey goes really well with the thin and crispy roti tissue.

Makan Kings ratings - 7 out of 10 (Quite expensive - RM4 for roti tissue)

-Tofu Delivery King-


Blogger Justin K C Yap said...

i haf to admit this is the biggest roti tissue i ever seen too,. DAMN im really freak out when i saw the pic.

2:52 AM, November 27, 2005  
Blogger Shanker said...

those roti tissue's are like famous items in Kayu Nasi Kandar... damn freakin big of cos! and food at kayu is expensive!! I've had Nasi kandar there that cost me Rm21. AARGHHHH!!!

4:35 PM, November 27, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same here.. I had the nasi kandar almost RM 20 (sotong RM 8, Ayam Goreng Paha RM ?, Telur and some salads...)

3:25 PM, November 28, 2005  
Blogger FBT said...

oi, makan kings, update your blog more frequently-lah!

5:06 PM, December 01, 2005  
Anonymous ruby said...

I don't really like roti tissue cos its too sweet

11:04 AM, December 05, 2005  
Blogger Siah Tiong Hong said...

Freakin' big roti tissue you have there! I had roti tissue here in Sandakan, Sabah but it's nothing like what you have there. It's like Jack and the Beanstalk. Yours is the beanstalk hehe.

11:10 AM, December 16, 2005  
Anonymous Prec said...

; )

1:40 PM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous ruby said...

eh post something lah you useless turds!!

10:07 PM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Merry Christmas! You guys must be eating and eating....

4:23 AM, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous ruby said...

eating and eating but not posting.

10:59 AM, December 29, 2005  
Anonymous Choy Onn said...

So makankings have their fasting month during Christmas time?

12:23 AM, December 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The roti tisu at Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2 (where the old Cheow Yang restaurant used to be) is also HUGE. Love how they drizzle condensed milk all over it before they serve it up - on 2 plates, on account of its size!

9:46 PM, May 19, 2006  
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