Sunday, April 02, 2006

Eat Chinese.

Some of us are back in penang for the chinese memorial day i.e. the day for most taoists to pay respect to their ancestors. Naturally, with distant relatives are usually back from everywhere in the world for this day and the typical chinese family will have a mini reunion dinner. It's always nice to spend time with your extended family and catch up. Tonight I joined Tofu Delivery King and his family for a scrumptious chinese dinner.

Yat Pan Wo - Black chicken soup base with dried scallops, fish maw, chinese mushroom, yu tun, and chinese cabbage. For strengthening and revitalizing your body.

The taste ? magnificent. We both had four servings each. So by then, we were 50% stuffed.

The Four Seasons Food Platter - consists of Fresh scallops with vege, Shrimp Balls, Kerabu Mango and and vegetarian wrap/spring roll.

Everybody's favourite dish - XL Prawn Fritters ! Yum

For the kids - Sweet and sour pork

Lin Yong Wo Peng - chinese pancake (lotus paste stuffing) *drool*

For the ladies and their skin : Soymilk served with bak kuo

Supper: After the dinner, we head back to my place and ate my mom's home made laksa forgot to take pics :( as for dessert, it's nothing but the kopi-o-peng & koay kor lok (banana fritters), to those who don't know, this is the typical afternoon tea snack for penangites or any malaysian.
-Posted by: Ketchup Queen-
Rating: 8.99999/10


Blogger Joan Chew said...

wahhh!!! makan kings blog!
So many food pics wei!! *drools*

10:12 AM, April 02, 2006  
Blogger cheng sim said...

hmmm. 8.9999/10! i guess the rating is good if you round it up! hehehe.

4:04 PM, April 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know where is the restaurant.. will check it out asap. thx for recommneded

12:39 PM, April 04, 2006  
Blogger boo_licious said...

The home made laksa sounds gooood!

3:47 AM, April 05, 2006  
Anonymous ruby said...

very nice pictures

11:01 AM, April 05, 2006  
Blogger Lannae said...

Lovely Pictures, makes me hungry!! Thank you for adding my blog link to your list! I don't know if I can live up to the Makan King standards of excellent food!

2:48 AM, April 07, 2006  

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