Friday, December 22, 2006

Imperial Rama @ Highlands Hotel, Genting Highlands

The whole gang (minus Wasabi King) was in Genting a week ago or so. On arriving, we decided to go to Imperial Rama for lunch. Imperial Rama is slightly hard to find. As you walk in Highlands Hotel, you will see a set of escalators going up on your right. These escalators leads to the VIP reception. Take the escalator up and immediately after you arrive at the top, Imperial Rama in on your right.

Our friend, TBS opened a bottle of Brown Brother's 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was good, not too strong tannin taste and very dry (the way I like my reds!!)

The first dish that arrive is the Prawn Tom Yam. I found this to be just ok. Some found it to be a little spicy but to me its just like any normal tom yam.

The next dish to arrive is the mango salad. This was really good!! Nice and spicy, sour and sweet. All the characteristics of a good thai mango salad. I also like the deep fried, crispy cuttlefish they serve on top of it.

"Pai Kuat Wong" came next. This dish is another good rendition of a classic chinese mealtime dish. The pork ribs were nice and firm, the sauce sweet and sticky and I did like the coleslaw served as a side. GOOD GOOD!!

A chinese meal would not be complete without prawns right? We ordered salted egg yolk prawns. Now, of all the salted egg yolk prawns I've eaten, this had got to be one of the very best!! The prawns were superbly fresh with a nice crispy crust of salted egg yolk. I throughly enjoyed every last bit of this dish!!!

Next was the "vegetable" dish. I put the word vegetable in inverted commas because this dish doesn't actually involve any greens! Oh well, majority wins right? It was braised homemade beancurd with assorted mushrooms. Not superbly good but a very well prepared dish anyhow.

The star of the whole lunch is the steamed "soon hock". The fish, which must have been swimming happily before being served to us was fresh and the chefs did a good job of not overly cooking and flavouring this superb fish! A must order.

None of us had room for dessert although we did want to try the durian tempura (which was out of stock/season) when we were there. Ketchup Queen ordered this poached pear with hasma. It looks nice enough but I did not try it.

Overall, a very very good lunch. And thanks to the gamblers in the group, it was free!!! Just need to deduct Genting points!! :D Thanks to Tofu Delivery King and TBS!!

Makan Kings ratings - 8 out 10

-BKT King-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon Hock Fish is very expensive, mind to share how many GPs deducted? Looks very YUMMY !!

3:40 AM, December 24, 2006  
Blogger Jackson said...

Wow.... da food look so yummy huh! Yr dinner must be very expensive!!

3:27 PM, December 24, 2006  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! What a great feast.

8:56 AM, December 26, 2006  
Blogger KampungboyCitygal said...

mwrry christmas n happy new year!!

10:01 AM, December 26, 2006  
Anonymous Danny Ong said...

OMG, I'm hungry again~

11:11 PM, December 30, 2006  
Blogger Melting Wok said...

wow, shrimps w/salted eggs, tt's new to me. Over here, they usually make the similar way, except w/loads of mayo & fried walnuts.
great eats, cheers ! :)

12:15 AM, January 12, 2007  
Anonymous JoinMe said...

Hi Makan Kings,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

12:57 PM, August 19, 2011  

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