Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lunch at Teck Seng, Penang

Hi all. Firstly I would like to apologize about the lack of postings. Been really busy with work lately. Thanks to -Wasabi King- who posted about the mee goreng to keep this blog alive! This particular post has been back dated for a while now.

On my last trip to Penang, which was for -Tofu Delivery King-'s wedding. The day after the wedding reception, -Tofu Delivery King- treated all the "heng tai"s to a scrumptious lunch at Restorant Teck Seng. This restaurant is off Chulia Street (thanks to -Wasabi King- for the info).

First dish to arrive was the salted vege with duck soup. This soup was really good especially after a night of boozing. Salty, sour and very savoury. It had salted cabbage, salted plums, tomatoes, duck and pork. Delish!!

Next to arrive was the clams stir fried with preserved bean paste. Not too bad but I personally thought the clams to be slightly on the small side. But nevertheless it was nice to slurp up the little clams and the delicious sauce from the shells.

The highlight of the lunch must have been this next dish to arrive. It may seem like a normal plate of fried roasted pork (siew yoke) but this has got to be the best I've ever tasted!! Unlike the ones we get in KL, this tasted really fresh and had a nice amount of bird's eye chilli (cili padi) to give it some heat. This dish was so good in fact we ordered another!

The next dish was a dish of chicken cooked in preserved bean paste. Tasted quite similar to the clams only the sauce was stronger. Great to go with some white rice.

More food??! I think -Tofu Delivery King- must have gone bonkers with the ordering. This next dish was a Taiwanese favourite, the 3 cup chicken. It came served in a claypot. It had a nice aroma of curry leaves and the really good sticky sauce was lapped up with more white rice.

The next dish to arrive was the obligatory vegetable dish. It was kangkung fried with sambal belacan. Nice simple dish with great taste of "wok hei". I really liked the fresh plump shrimp they tossed in with the dish.

Just when we thought we couldn't eat no more here comes the last dish of the meal. A huge bowl of gulai stingray. It came with generous pieces of stingray meat. It was nice, hot and slightly sour. Another GREAT dish to go with steamed white rice. Even though we were full, we just had to order another round of white rice to eat with the addictive sauce which was also chocked full of ladies fingers, tomatoes and chunks of sweet onions.

Overall, this was a great lunch. The restaurant itself is a really simple restaurant but it was FULL when we were there. Goes to show that all Penangites really do know their food!

Makan King's ratings = 8.5 out of 10.

-BKT King-


Blogger Felicia said...

Wow, all the dishes look delicious.

3:39 AM, April 26, 2008  
Blogger Subash Chandrabose said...

wa.. so hunry le...


1:22 PM, June 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Penang 2 weeks ago but could not find Teck Seng. Which part of Chulia St, nearer to the pier, near the Masjid Kapitan Keling or near to Penang Road?

10:34 AM, August 05, 2008  

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