Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tim Sum!!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the two days. Been quite busy. Will post up pictures of what we ate for the past two days but today want to blog about the delicious tim sum we had for lunch!!

Started off with steamed tim sum a.k.a. dumplings. The one above is very good. The black sause is sort of vinegarry. Good start to a meal!!

Next one is the tim sum must have! Har Kao (Prawn Dumplings). These ones were juicy and were stuffed with big fat prawns! DELICIOUS!

Another tim sum must have is the Cha Siew Pao (Roasted meat steamed bun). The bun itself was nice and fluffy and the roasted meat inside was nice and very tasty. Very good considering that the restaurant doesnt serve pork. The bun is as good as those made using pork.

The two pictures above are Chee Cheong Fun. The top one is Cha Siew Chee Cheong Fun while the bottom one is prawn Chee Cheong Fun. The Chee Cheong Fun itself was nice and thin. Again the Cha Siew was nice and tasty and the prawns were fat and juicy.

Needed something abit more filling than paos and dumplings. So decided to order Yong Chow Fried Rice. The fried rice tasted very good. It had the perfect oilyness to it. Not too oily neither too dry.

Next were the pastries. The top ones are Fried Raddish Cake and the rounds ones are Ham Sui Kok (Literally means salt water pastry). The bottom picture is of Egg Tarts (Obviously!). Lazy to describe but will just say that all are as good as they look!

After all that food. Time for dessert!! Tau Sar Tong Yuen. The Tong Yuen were stuffed with something that tasted like sweet grainy peanut butter! YUMZ!! And the red bean paste soup was also nice. Not too sweet!

-Makan Kings-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there

where's the place for the tim sum that u recommended? looks yummy...

2:38 PM, May 31, 2005  
Blogger Makan Kings said...


Sorry for the late reply. The tim sum place is at Chynna in KL Hilton (the one in KL Central). Hope you enjoy the food there as much as us.

-Makan Kings-

12:32 PM, June 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Makan Kings

Will go try it out and let you have my family's and my comments soon...

just hope we find the place.....:D


3:39 PM, June 02, 2005  
Blogger Makan Kings said...


Yea. Go and try it. The food there is good. Just go to the Hilton in KL Central. We're sure its not that difficult to find. ENJOY and remember to let us know of your experience.

-Makan Kings-

3:46 PM, June 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


din have a chance to try the dim sum the last time i was as there time was short.

I tried others though. I tried the yong tau foo at the chinatown. It was quite good. Worth trying.

4:53 PM, September 21, 2005  

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