Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Best of Taipei Jan 2006 - Ni How !

The Must- Eats

Oyster Mee Sua

Deep Fried Fresh Oyster + Prawn Dumpling !

In set - YAN SU JI - Fried Chicken marinated in pepper & salt. Once you start munching.. You can't Stop ! I'm sure they have sprinkled "special ingredients" other than pepper n salt to make it THAT tasty.

Ni How ! ladies and gentlemen ^_^, I agree that the previous post was RUBBISH !! No need to post better hor?
The answer to why there are lack of updates is due to various reasons:

1. The MakanKings are too occupied with scouting and eating nice nice food around asia they've forgotten the existence of this blog.

2. Even if they've remembered this blog, they are too lazy to move their fingers after all those yummy courses as they have to preserve their manpower to digest the food ma..

3. They've been travelling around this few months and all those year end celebrations - cny spring cleaning + christmas celebrations + annual dinners kept them busy as a bee .

Enough blabbing,
The MakanKings have decided to venture out their eating expedition abit bringing the best of asia to this blog and this time around, we went to Taipei. Brace yourselves this is a Long ass post.

Taipei Night Market (A MUST GO) for sampling local delicacies & snacks
Taipei is famous for their night markets and it's often crowded with locals and tourists(mostly asians), the two Major Mum Mum Night Markets are : RAO HER JIE YE SHI (FOOD) & SHI LING YE SHI (GOOD PLACE TO SHOP). It's best that you learn abit of mandarin before going to taipei as they can't really speak english and communication may pose a problem with non-mandarin speakers, u know la aunty & uncle ma.

1.Rao Her Night Market

The Entrance to the night market

Shao Ping - Fish Pancakes Ketchup Queen's personal favourite. The best flavours are creamery butter which tasted more like custard + the original red bean flavour.

Takopachi another dish sold by the pancake shop (traditionally also sold in japanese Shao Ping shop, in taiwan everything is inspired by the Japanese the deco the food and even the way they talk most taiwanese speaks japanese fluently. Even the ah kongs and ah mas.

Freshly baked cheese breadsticks

The Muar Chee Stall - they look like sea cucumbers to me

Then we have the chestnut stall

XXL Barbeque Chicken

We had to wait for this Roast Pepper Pork Bun (in line for 20 mins), the queue was horrifying lucky we were there early. What's inside? Pork marinated in various herbs and spices then baked inside a tandori styled oven and Ding ! Pao is ready.

The Packaging

It looks scary upfront, the taiwanese love to eat mini crabs fried boiled whatever.

Another snap shot of the workers making the Pepper Bun

Cheh Gyoza only ma what's the big deal? The big deal is it's the best gyoza i've ever tasted ! Piping hot + bite size + meat inside damn soft + and thickness of the skin hardly can taste it. Gyoza m&m style = it melts in your mouth. :D

I can't help but to take this pic it's so cute Hand Made Cartoon Lollies

Suan Mei Tang + Winter Melon Soup

Translation of the red & yellow sign board - Third Mom's Smelly Smelly Hotpot = they dip the hot pot ingredients inside the Chao Tao Fu Soup

The don't use round tables in taiwan, they practice the japanese road side dining style which is you eat right infront of the stalls. The only thing is the stalls in taipei is not as canggih as the japanese ramen stalls.

Famous Taiwanese Sausage - this one is filled with mayo + spring onions

Forget hamsters and rats (sorry, mice or whatever they call it) when you can have Sea slugs as pets

Monkichi : )

Chao Tao Fu Uncle - The SMELL - omg - it's like smelling 100 days old puke + poo poo mixed together. But everybody loves it over there.

While the brave eat their Smelly Tofu we ate Fried Prawn Pancake YuM ! We didnt order the oyster one cause its already available in MY.

Happy Snacking Everybody !
- Ketchup Queen -
PS to the makankings: Posting Pics using Blogger Dot Com Suck.


Anonymous Choy said...

Hey the night market in Taipei looks a bit like Petaling Street in KL... haha. But the food looks cool...

11:27 PM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger fish fish said...

Ah~ Food in Taiwan, I miss it!! Hey, I prefer food in middle and south part of Taiwan, they are more unique and tastier. ;)

I didn't try any of their Japanese originated food though. :P

1:20 PM, January 20, 2006  
Anonymous charmeeeeee said...

wohh, finally a REAL good one.. Food in Taipei is nicer.. n the night market really meant for local food.. unlike Petaling Street...VCD, DVD, FAKE LV..GUCCI..

2:20 PM, January 20, 2006  
Anonymous ruby said...

yeah the food looks dam good.
nice post dude

5:16 PM, January 21, 2006  
Anonymous slym said...

hey there, in Rao He street, you should also try the Pork Ribs soup, if you like something other than Bak Kut Teh, its something that I found very yummy.........they also serve Mutton Rib soup, abit of an acquired taste for someone who does not like mutton

also, for the very best of Oyster mee suah, have to go to Xi Men Ting, its called Ah Chung Mee Suah, there are no tables, just line up, pay for a bowl and stand by the streets to devour it

11:39 AM, January 24, 2006  
Anonymous Tofu Delivery King said...


Yes.. we tried the Pork Ribs Soup with Minced Pork Rice as well. The soup is like BKT.. somehow BKT nicer :)

Regarding Oyster Mee Sua... Pls wait for next post.. it;s the one u mentioned Ah Chung.. No tabels.. No Chair.. Only Plasma TV and stand infront and eat :)

4:07 AM, January 27, 2006  
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