Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally!! Female Crabs with Roe!!!!!!

Finally! After searching high and low for female crabs with roe. We found them!! Very hard to find but well worth the effort!!

This place serves a variety of seafood as you can see from the above pictures. Can either be grilled ala ikan bakar or baked.


We were there for only one! The female crabs!! Simply barbecued. The taste is so good! It was like we died and went to heaven!!

To wash down all that lovely crabs. Ordered Teh O Ais Limau (Iced lemon tea) and air bandung (milky rose syrup). The air bandung contained too much colouring but the teh o ais limau was good and refreshing!

-Makan Kings-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is this place?

2:28 PM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Jan Wei said...

May I know where is this place to eat mouthwatering female crabs? Thanks

12:08 AM, November 06, 2007  

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