Sunday, June 05, 2005

Of Wings and Beers

Today, we are going to talk about snacks. In particular barbequed chicken wings. Not a particularly interesting food topic we know but the ones we had recently was too good for us not to post. The story starts when a group of old friends decide to gather for some catching up.....

Firstly, the beers. Its your average Tiger beer in cans. You can get this at any supermarket or convinient store. Best served icy cold! (Actually, you MUST serve beer icy cold otherwise it wouldnt be good)

Next, drive down to Jalan Alor, look for a stall called Wong Ah Wah and buy copious amounts of barbequed chicken wings. Its not very difficult to find. Go down the row of food shops and when you reach the last corner shop, you have found Wong Ah Wah!
The chicken wings from this particular stall is super delicious. The chicken wings are barbequed to perfection and the marinate that was used is good. Nice and sweet. Taste almost like meat floss. One of our friends even commented that he wants to marry Mr. Wong Ah Wah's daughter so that he can eat his chicken wings everyday!! It is that good. Trust us.

Makan Kings rating = 8 out of 10

-Makan Kings-


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