Sunday, May 15, 2005

Post Alchohol

Went to Zeta last night. Feeling hungry after drinking so decided to head down to this huge food court and get a dose of hawker food!! Anyone else gets hungry after drinking or is it just us?

First was from the grilled fish stall. Ordered a grilled stingray and some sotong. The stingray was grilled with sambal and was dryer compared to the sotong which was cooked with the same sauce. Both were good, hot and spicy!!

Next was chee cheong fun. Ended up with two plates for some unknown reason. Both were from different stalls though. Both were equally good but the one in the bottom picture had more although both stalls charged the same.

Hawker food favourite! Char kuey tiaw. This one was fried with all the usual stuff, prawns, taugeh, eggs and spring onions. Asked for it to be spicy and it turned out good. Abit more spicy would have been better though.

This dish is called the mixed salad. Name sounded interesting so ordered a plate of it. Ended up being just battered and deep fried chicken, sotong and prawns tossed with some french fries and with a side of salad. Not too bad but notthing to shout about either.

Now the picture above! Thats something to shout about! Its stewed duck or more commonly known as loh ark. Came with half an egg and served on its on little stand with a tea candle at the bottom to keep it warm. Very nicely done. The duck was good and the sauce was excellent!!

This one is shanghai dumplings. Basically pan fried dumplings. It was served with a vinegar and shredded ginger sauce.

-Makan Kings-


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