Monday, May 16, 2005

Trip North Part 2 (Shanghai Steamboat)

Had a wonderful steamboat dinner one of our trip up north. Must be the best steamboat we've ever had.

First, the side dishes. The top picture is She Ji To (literally means four season beans). These were fried with some mince pork. A little bit spicy and VERY good. The bottom picture is the 2nd side dish which is one of the most famous dishes in Shanghai which is Xiang La Xie (literally means fragrant and spicy crabs). Another very good dish!!

The above picture is the steamboat setting.

Above picture is belly pork for the steamboat. Basically thinly sliced meat from the belly of the pig.

This picture is of fish fillet. Also for the steamboat

The brown stuff on the left of the above picture is pig kidney and the white one on the right is quail's eggs. Both also for the steamboat. There were more stuff for the steamboat but we were too busy eating to take any photos.

This is the boiling steamboat. The bottom one is satay soup and the top one is chinese herbal soup. Both also very good! Yumz!!

The top picture is the covered steamboat boiling and the bottom picture is of the finished product.

-Makan Kings-


Anonymous ruby said...

looks so good
i aso want!!!

6:47 PM, May 17, 2005  

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