Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brr.. WINTER WARMERS - Taipei Jan 2006 Part III


Shop 2
Sugar Cane Soup Base HotPot (Shua Shua Wo) Translation: Shabu Shabu @ Da An

Tiger Prawns on ice

Shabu shabu sized chicken strips

Believe it or not It's PORK Not Beef !

The Vege Basket - The chef have selected these veges according to which type of soup base you order

Personal Hotpot so you don't have to eat your friend's saliva ! (A Plus Point for this restaurant)

Ma La Hot Pot Shop 3

They have almost the same ingredients as Shop 1 but the Chilli soup base is alot more spicy!

Haagen Daz Mansion - They've got RED BEAN FLAVOUR according to our local store, the waiter informs us that by april Red Bean will reach MY !! YAY!! Forgot to take pics it was too good hehe.
Happy Hot Potting Everybody !
-Ketchup Queen Signing Off ^_^-


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