Thursday, July 24, 2008

Makan Thai: Spice Market at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

I think that the Spice Market at the Four Seasons (otherwise known as the Chap Fan Stall at Cut-Throat Prices) is a nice place for first timers that is visiting Bangkok to have a taste at Thai food because the Set dinners available at the restaurant has a very comprehensive set of Thai dishes commonly eaten by the locals, not forgetting the excellent "Four seasons service, i.e they ONLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANG MOH", food are not that spicy (WHICH IS A MAAAJORR turn off for south-east asian such as myself), nevertheless the taste is nice but not great. What i'm trying to say is that it's is not worth the RM350 (inclusive of a bottled mineral water, fruit punch and singha beer) that we paid. You can get to taste similar food at any Mixed Rice (Chap Fan) Stall in Bangkok and probably pay less than Rm5 for a full box of chap fan.

MakanKings "We've been BOMBED"Rating: 4/10
Going Bananas for Bananas

Banana fritters with maple syrup and mint chocolate chip ice cream from The Loft Central Chidlom, Bangkok

Very very crispy and sweet banana fritters bought from the market at PJ Old town (near KFC and Sunrise Duck Rice)
I Heart Pisang Goreng,
Ketchup Queen ; )


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