Sunday, July 13, 2008

Makan Thai: Love at First Sight Dessert Shop Chiang Mai

The makan king crew loves to travel to the Land of Smiles (Thailand) for obvious reasons such as: it is our neighbouring country, food and lodging are not at cut-throat prices, people are friendly, good customer service, bangkok is a huge bazaar by itself and you and most importantly delicious FOOD are found everywhere !

This time we made a trip up towards the nothern part of Thailand to the mesmerizing ChiangMai Province. After we've freshened outselves up in hotel we headed straight to a famous bakery called Love At First Sight for a late lunch. We arrived there approximately around 2:30 in the afternoon and was surprised that the cafe was packed. Love at first sight is famous for their pastries and cakes among both locals and foreigners that lives in ChiangMai. Considering the fact that the cafe itself is quite small we were gobsmacked at the choice of desserts available at that petite cafe. Anyway, here are pictures that we've taken during our visit.

Lemon Tart not as lemony as i thought it would be a definate must try

Tiramisu - so so I still think the tiramisu from Alexis is still the best

Strawberry trifle yum yum

Beef stew

Chicken Pot Pie
After a satisfying our sweet tooth we went to the zoo and the tiger sanctuary to burn off those calories

Restroom only for Bush animals? hahaha

Hello Panda

By paying rm30 you get to touch baby tiger cubs

Paying RM 2 for a piece of meat to feed the baby leopards we actually spent RM20 so i guess the cubs are bloated now ; )

After our trip to the zoo we went further north to the famous Wat Phra Doi Suthep temple

Signing off,

Ketchup Queen - Remember to eat your ketchup today


Blogger Nadia said...

Hi Makan Kings,

It has been heard thru the grapevine that Pacific Regency Hotel Suites in cooperation with

Habib Jewelries are about to present Malaysia’s most expensive Dessert.

This dessert, which is due to début in late August, was inspired by the success of the Hotel’s other gem-studded treat, the Sugar Diamond Strawberries. The star of the show is a hefty, 100+ carat gem arrangement that symbolizes Malaysia’s rich cultural and natural diversity.

The gemstone is yours, after polishing off the dessert.

At 125.000 ringgit you can of course expect only the best and finest ingredients, Alba truffle & white chocolate mousse, Fuji Apple gelée, champagne foam, finest Belgian chocolate suffused in edible gold & silver leaves, berry compote and a rare cognac perfume just to name a few. The price includes a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne to flush your palate.

In the following months Pacific Regency has planned to release two other desserts that feature equally fantastic culinary delights but at a more down to Earth price. To celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan the second dessert will be released by end of September and will feature Malaysian dessert specialties.

For more details call Pacific Regency @ + 603 2332 7777



12:31 PM, July 17, 2008  
Anonymous Travel Thailand said...

The makan king crew loves to travel to the Land of Smiles (Thailand) for obvious reasons

6:26 PM, August 23, 2010  
Anonymous Absar @ Go Go Elite said...

Cute Panda.. but don't get too close!

I didn't realize those things can actually be quite dangerous till i saw a video of a woman being attacked and bitten by one..

I love Kung Fu!!!!!

11:56 PM, October 08, 2010  

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