Monday, June 06, 2005

Seafood......we like!!

Went to Kampung Subang for a seafood dinner recently. The restaurant is called Nam Hai. If you follow the road from Subang airport and head towards terminal 3, its in the row of restaurants after terminal 3 on your right.
This particular place offers exceptional service. There will be always someone around to make sure that your glass of tea is always full and he'll even crack open the crab shell for you (after wrapping it in tissue paper of course). Now that is what we call service!!

Started of with some drinks. They offered us the traditional chinese tea but we ordered some extra drinks. The drinks in the bottle are from China, it was ginseng with chrysanthemum. One of us ordered coconut which was chilled.

Started off the meal with a soup. This one is a very simple spinach soup. It was clear and a very good way to start off a meal.

Next thing to arrive was the double taste chicken. This is a chicken dish that is cooked two ways. Shredded chicken with a sweet, spicy and sour sauce was covered in crispy roasted chicken. The shredded chicken salad below the crispy roasted chicken was really good. It had the right amount of sourness, sweetness and spicyness. Think it was tossed with some jellyfish as well.
The roasted chicken was good as well. Notthing really special but we liked the crispy skin. Almost like roasted pig.

Next to arrive was giant freshwater prawns cooked with cheese. These prawns were huge!! And their heads were filled with delicious roe!! HEAVEN!
The cheese sause that it was cooked in was creamy but we must say that there was only a slight hint of cheese flavour. Otherwise this was a very enjoyable dish as well.

Next was the steam fillet of Soon Hock. This fish is highly regarded in restaurants and therefore can be quite expensive.
This version is a boneless fillet steamed with some soya sauce and ginger and oil. The fish was done perfectly! Not too cooked but not raw either. The sauce goes very well with the fish and white rice. Another good dish!

The last dish that we ordered is crabs. We ordered grilled crabs. This we think it the best way to have crabs. Simply grilled so that the flavours of the crab is tasted. Not masking the flavour with heavy sauces.
This dish was also good. It was so good that some of us were licking the shell before breaking it up to get into the sweet flesh!

Next we ordered dessert. We ordered sliced mangoes. The mangoes here are very very sweet. They are so sweet its almost unbelievable. It is so sweet that one of us decided to buy some back (we were convinced that they added some syrup after slicing so we bought some back to try for ourselves). The mangoes are really that sweet. No gimmick here!

Makan Kings ratings = 8.5 out of 10

This restaurant is really really good. Not only does it have good service, the food there is also really good. Do give this place a try! You will not regret it!

-Makan Kings-


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