Thursday, July 24, 2008

Makan Thai: 大戸屋 Ootoya

Ootoya is a japanese restaurant that has chain stores all over Japan and have recently opened up their stores in Bangkok at J avenue Thonglor, Emporium and Siam Paragon. I was kind of intrigued when I saw the "crazy queue" outside Ootoya and decided to go in for lunch.Ceaser Salad, I think that the grilled chicken that accompanied the salad is seasoned with honey, it tasted so good we actually thought of ordering the chicken as an ala carte item the next time we pop into Ootoya.
Tonkatsu Set (one of their Must Eat items), the tonkatsu is super crispy and the tonkatsu sauce is amazing and they do give out mustard and fresh sesame seed for you to pound. The portion of this dish is quite big so sharing is recommended.

My grilled mackerel set. The fish is very fresh and grilled to perfection but again the portion is too big and only at RM24 for the whole set.

They have a selection of soy related desserts which is simply too delicious
Macha Ice cream served with red bean paste, dumpling and green tea jelly covered in soy milk.
Soy Bean Milk Cream served with Red beans

Overall, Ootoya is a nice place for a quick lunch or dinner at affordable prices and the portion is quite big so big eaters (like us at MakanKings) would be in paradise.
MakanKings Rating: 7/10

PS:This might not come as a surprise for many but for others, Japanese food in Bangkok is waaayy better (in terms of the taste and the quality of ingredients that they use) than the japanese restaurants back in Malaysia and not at cut-throat prices (for example RM40 for 5 pieces of sashimi at Sugimoto KL whereas RM13 for 5 pieces of sashimi at Fumi Bangkok), so remember to eat japanese food while you're in BKK.

Signing off,
Ketchup Queen


Blogger Henry Yeo said...

Have to keep a lookout for them if they come to KL.

11:27 PM, August 01, 2008  
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Anonymous Absar @ Go Go Scooters said...

That fish looks great! I really need to pay these guys a visit!

3:33 AM, October 08, 2010  
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