Sunday, February 26, 2006

Taipei - Our Best Japanese Fine Dining Experience Seafood wise

Well the Makankings wanted to try the real deal so we went to San Jing Taipei.

It's a really nice restaurant always fully booked so it would be wise to make reservations before going.
The restaurant do not recommend people to order ala carte as they have extremely LIMITED dishes.
So most people go there to have set meals. Price range from 2880 to 6000 new taiwan dollars per person. But the quality of their seafood and the designs of their food is worth every penny.

This is mini lobster with not cheese, but egg and spinach feeling. The prawn itself is so fresh and all of us were reluctant to swallow it.

Here we have fried fresh scallop. Just look at the size, need we say more?
My personal favourite.
This is the Paper-Base steamboat that we had ingredients are fish, crabs, musells, clams, hairy crab all from hokaido - according to the waitress that served us.
The soup base is a bit bitter, I think it's a mixture of herbal soup and a wee bit of milk

This is a very adorable appetizer. It's garlic wrapped with different types of vege
This is the vege tempuras, cherry tomatoes, flower mushrooms and potatoes which is not pictured because 'someone' ate it before we took the pic.
This is the miso, ginger and fish based. Very refreshing and the fish taste good too.
This is a lamb cutlet. I'm not even sure it's lamb because it doesn't smell the way a normal lamb would, i'm not sure if it's the leaf that they used to cover the smell. Lamb is tender and juicy and sweet at the same time.

This is my favourite dish. Hairy Crab, which the legs are the only edible part of the crab. The taste? Fabulous.
This is baked to perfection on top of a bed of salt and the smell is so good, the crab meat, i would say tasted better than lobsters.
This is frilled fish, what type fish it is, i'm not really sure but it tasted really really good, although i'm not a fish fan.

This is the prawn tempura. The prawn itself is soooo big, and the taste is very fresh. Unlike those they sell in normal japanese restaurants. The seafood here is freshness guaranteed.
This is "someone" favourite, as she ate my portion as well. It's the prawn cocktail salad, which was so good "someone" have the need to steal my food.
This is 'hoi tam' fish's pankreas or liver or whatever they call it i am not sure, one thing for sure that one it's pricy and two, nobody dare to even try it.
We ordered extra rolls while waiting for the food. the taste is normal, nothing special
This is the sahimi set. The best sashimi set i've ever tasted. I can't remember the exact name for the pinkish fish is called but it definately tasted better than the regular sake.

Posted By : Tofu Delivery King Ratings: 9/10

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Saint Valentin !

Valentine's day sweets. I love the Strawberries and custard flan mmm :)

As commercialised as this day is, it's always nice to pamper your partner on this special occasion.

-Ketchup Queen-

Cheap Eats in Dirty ol' London Estimated Cost = 50 pounds

Carluccio's The authentic Italian restaurant. Tube: South Ken. Stn.
EVERY SINGLE DISH FROM THEIR MENU IS IMPORTED FROM ITALY, you always watch Uncle Antonio Carluccio's show on Discovery Travel and Adventure channel? Now taste his food ! It's lovely !

The fatty cook in action.
This time besides eating, I bought some souvenirs. Their hand made thin egg pasta (Best served with their signature WILD BOAR Ragu Sauce) only available on the today's special menu . Their Olive grossini (breadsticks) is the real stuff, i also got piedmont biscotti that came with the gelati that we ordered (ice cream is just normal) .
Recommended eats : Fried Rice Dumpling with mozarella and minced meat; Wild Boar Pasta; Rissoto and a special dessert which i forgot to take a picture and can't spell it in italian well it includes milk, warm chocolate and espresso served in three individual cups and you have to mix according to your taste into a coffee cup and serve. Talk about the science in food.

The menu includes transportation, a brand new vespa scooter for 1799 GBP. Cute right? if only i could ride a bike.

The Queue to get a place to sit in Carluccio is forever. The restaurant's interior design is modern chic - me likey.

This is the clam pasta which the clams have a really refreshing taste

Spinach Ravioli !! my fav pasta :) eat that all the time it's really good

I had the today's special - Mushroom Rissoto (let's just say it's the BEST rissoto i've had in England! )

Must try for mushroom soup lover. This is not a typical creamy mushroom soup you always get. It is made from various type of mushroom in clear soup with bacon bits which are extremely addictive. It looks plain but the taste is magnificto

Heart Shaped Fried Mozarella (amazingly delicious !) cheese is sweet and salty at the same time. Served with extremely good salsa and rocket leaves. Something that taste and look good at the same time.

Makankings Rating: mm.. er.. 7/10


Tentables London Tube: Gloucester Rd Stn. Cuisine: Spanish
Recommended Hot Tapas : Grilled Chilli Prawns, Mini Paella and Cod Fish Croquette (where are the pics? it's too good i was too hungry i forgot to take)
Grilled Pork Chop with Apple Sauce and Mash - yummy - pork is tender apple sauce yummy !

Second Dish is Lamb Shank again, lamb was grilled to perfection

This is my favourite (dish i ordered) grilled salmon with mini prawns on top served with white cream sauce and chips which are too cute to eat they are really fat looked more like individual cubes of chips.
Makankings Rating: 5/10
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