Sunday, March 18, 2007

Singapore - Din Tai Fung @ Paragon Shopping Complex

For those who read the post about "Soup Restaurant", you would have seen something about a different story involving the famous "Din Tai Fung". Well, after much delay, the pictures have been found!! Anyway, just a little note, for those who ask the name of the restaurant in "Soup Restaurant", actually the name of the restaurant IS actually "Soup Restaurant".

Anyway, like was said, we actually visited Din Tai Fung first and got so disappointed that we decided to look for something else to eat.

The first thing we ordered was some glutinous rice dumplings. They look nice enough in the steamy basket. Unfortunately one bite and we found the skin to be too thick, the glutinous rice was rather bland as well. We decided that it must be a fluke and hoped the famous Siew Long Pao would fair better

Then it arrived!! The Siew Long Pao, arrived in the same steamy bamboo steamer, it looked promising but again, after the first bite....Skin too thick, soup tasted just like oily salty water.

So, to those who are actually willing to queue up to 45 minutes to get a seat in this place, there are better options like the Singaporean started Crystal Jade and also if you're in Malaysia, I guarantee that Dragon-i taste a million times better.

Makan King's rating = Not going to bother

-Tofu Delivery King-

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Noodle @ SS2

Hey guys and gals! Terribly sorry about the serious lack of updates. Have been busy lately. Unfortunately, my computer died. Am in the process of getting all the lost photos back which is why the post that is suppose to follow up on the last is going to be late. I have yet to find the photos for that post. Will post it up soon enough. PROMISE!

Anyway, one day me and my dinner companion decided to have dinner. And she insisted we not go to any shopping complexes for our meal. After driving around Damansara Uptown, Taman Tun and SS2, we finally decided on One Noodle in SS2.

After placing our orders, the first to arrive was some pickled cucumber. I absolutely love this. It was crunchy, cold, sweet and sour at the same time. My dinner companion thought it was "ok laaa"

Next to arrive were our drinks. I ordered the red bean something or rather and she ordered the longan rose tea or something like that la. :p Both tasted not bad. Normal drinks I guess. The longan rose was quite unique. Not too bad!

As it was only the two of us, we only ordered 3 dishes and the first to arrive was the "ma po" tofu. I quite enjoyed this dish, a little spicy. My dinner companion again said "ok laa"

Next to arrive was the taiwanese specialty, "3 cup chicken". It too was not bad although I felt it was a little to salty. Love the generous amounts of onions!! Good for the breath! ;) My dinner companion quite like this dish.

Next was the "choy sum" with garlic. Generous amounts of good for the breath garlic!! ;). Again I felt it was a little on the salty side but its nice to have some greens

Overall it was quite a good meal. Cant exactly remember how much it cost. Something like RM52 for the whole meal. Not too bad I guess.

Makan Kings ratings = 5 out of 10

I did notice one of the headings in the drinks menu (picture below). I cant read chinese for nuts so could someone tell me if its the correct translation??

-BKT King-