Monday, November 06, 2006

Buka Puasa part 1

This post has been long overdue. But better late than never right? During the recent fasting month, we had the pleasure of indulging in the festive food at the many Ramadan bazaars. -Tofu Delivery King- was nice enough to head to one after work and brought back a feast for us!

First is the most famous dish at any Ramadan bazaar. The ayam percik. The one pictured above was quite delicious. I especially enjoyed the burned bits (yes, I know its not good for health, but its just once a year right??)

Another staple at Ramadan bazaars are the murtabak. These are murtabak ayam or chicken murtabak. Its basically minced chicken meat mixed with some spices and egg wrapped in a roti canai. This one was nice, the roti was nice and thin and the chicken inside warm and spicy.

Next we have the nasi briyani with beef rendang and a side of pickled cucumbers and carrots. The rice was ok, nothing really special. The beef though was a different story. It was meltingly soft, just like the beef ribs you get in some western restaurant. It was seriously delicious!! They must have cooked the beef for ages!!

We also had the nasi briyani with chicken rendang but sadly I didnt take any pictures nor did I try the chicken rendang. According to -Ketchup Queen- and -Tofu Delivery King-, it was good too!

The last thing we had was the ikan bakar. It is the malay dry style of ikan bakar served with a sourish sauce which I think contains lime juice and onions. We had a nice portion of stingray for each of us.

Overall it was a good meal!! Definitely worth another visit!! (stay tuned for part 2!!)

Makan Kings ratings = 6 out of 10

-BKT King-