Monday, April 24, 2006

Sundaes on Sunday!!

The kings were in KLCC. As it was a Sunday, we decided to have some ice-cream. There are a few ice-cream parlours in KLCC to choose from like New Zealand Natural and Lecka Lecka but we ended up in Haagen Daz.

The first of the orders to arrive was the Banana Split (cant remember if they called it a different name). Sundaes dont get more classical than this!! A banana split into half and 3 scoops of gorgeous ice cream. The flavors were Chocolate, Strawberry and Cookies and Cream (if memory serves me right). Add some almonds, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry and its good to go. As usual, the ice-cream is to die for. Notthing much I can say really.....

Next is the Chocoholic. 2 scoops of chocolate ice-cream (both different but cant remember what they were). Again, gorgeous ice-cream and beautiful presentation.

Finally my order came!! Its called the Summer something (sorry, my memory is very bad these days). I love haagen daz's strawberry cheesecake so the inclusion of one scoop of strawberry cheesecake help in my decision. Cant remember what the other scoop was I think it was Pecan. Served in a huge waffle cone and drizzled with strawberry sauce with sliced fresh strawberries and banana on the side. B-E-A-utiful!!

As usual, the ice-cream at haagen daz was simply marvelous. I did however notice that the picture in the menu seems to suggest that the servings are huge but in reality they are not.

Makan Kings ratings = 7 out of 10

-BKT King-

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The luxury of room service @ Prince Hotel

One of the things we love to do is stay in hotels. Even better than the plush interiors and the beautiful rooms is the luxury of room service. One of our favourite hotels to stay in for a lazy weekend in is the Prince Hotel and Residence in Jalan Conlay. I personally like this hotel because of the ultra high pressure shower!! :D

Anyway, its time to review the food!! Room service is such a luxury. You can be in your pajamas and have a trolley full of delectable delights sent to your room! The only work required is picking up the phone and choosing the food. To start off, we ordered a ceasar salad (pictured above). The salad was good. I like the addition of quail's eggs. The veges were cold (very important) and crunchy.

Next was the tom yam soup. I didnt get to taste this but judging by how fast it went it must have been good. A nice touch was the addition of a fried roll. To soak up all the tasty soup!

For the main course, we ordered two things. Pictured above is the steak. It looks miserable I know. I thought the same thing when they opened the cover. It came with a side of salad and some black pepper sauce. It was an ok steak, abit on the tough side but still not bad. The black pepper sauce was good!

I think most readers will know that I keep the best of the review for the last. Its not different with this review. The best order of the night was the nasi goreng kampung. It came with sides of fried egg, keropok, assam prawns, pineapple pickle and 3 sticks of chicken satay with satay sauce. The rice was very fragrant and spicy. The prawns were huge, fresh and the tangy assam it was cooked in was oh so heavenly when eaten with the fried rice. The satay though was ok only. What can you expect from hotel satay right?

All in all, I think we actually enjoyed the luxury of room service more than the actual food. Next time I think we will try other hotels.....

Makan Kings's rating = 6 out of 10

-BKT King-

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Eat Chinese.

Some of us are back in penang for the chinese memorial day i.e. the day for most taoists to pay respect to their ancestors. Naturally, with distant relatives are usually back from everywhere in the world for this day and the typical chinese family will have a mini reunion dinner. It's always nice to spend time with your extended family and catch up. Tonight I joined Tofu Delivery King and his family for a scrumptious chinese dinner.

Yat Pan Wo - Black chicken soup base with dried scallops, fish maw, chinese mushroom, yu tun, and chinese cabbage. For strengthening and revitalizing your body.

The taste ? magnificent. We both had four servings each. So by then, we were 50% stuffed.

The Four Seasons Food Platter - consists of Fresh scallops with vege, Shrimp Balls, Kerabu Mango and and vegetarian wrap/spring roll.

Everybody's favourite dish - XL Prawn Fritters ! Yum

For the kids - Sweet and sour pork

Lin Yong Wo Peng - chinese pancake (lotus paste stuffing) *drool*

For the ladies and their skin : Soymilk served with bak kuo

Supper: After the dinner, we head back to my place and ate my mom's home made laksa forgot to take pics :( as for dessert, it's nothing but the kopi-o-peng & koay kor lok (banana fritters), to those who don't know, this is the typical afternoon tea snack for penangites or any malaysian.
-Posted by: Ketchup Queen-
Rating: 8.99999/10