Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year 2006 - Year of the Dog!!

Wishing Everyone out there a Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!! We at Makan Kings welcome the year of the Dog! May it bring much luck, wealth, health and prosperity.

Cheers from all of us at
-Makan Kings-

Friday, January 27, 2006

Restoran Kawan Kita @ Semenyih Part II

Have visited Restoran Kawan Kita a few times already. The food has always been good. Here is one of the more memorable visits....

Above is a picture of Celery fried with "Siew Yoke". Very very good. The saltiness of the "Siew Yoke" goes very well with the fragrant crunchy celery. A bit the oily la but its GOOD!

This is the "Fu Yong Tan" which I have talked about in the previous post on Kawan Kita. It taste the same as last time. Showing that they have some good QC. :D

Cant remember the name of the dish above. Its a red tilapia on a hot plate covered in a sambal sauce. This is not like your usual malay sambal. Its a typical chinese type of sambal. Quite good and the fish was fried to a nice crisp. Red tilapia seems to be the predominant fish served in Semenyih/Broga. Easy to catch?

The last dish that came is Guiness Pork Ribs. This dish was the best dish of the night. They should have brought it out earlier cos we were all quite full when it arrived. The Guiness sauce was deliciously sweet. No bitterness from the alchohol at all. The meat itself was really infused with the sauce and wasnt too tough.

Makan King's ratings = 7.5 out of 10 (went up 0.5 points on account of the Guiness Pork Ribs)

-BKT King-

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fat Auntie Chicken Rice @ Jalan Pudu

We've visited "Fei Por Kai Fun" many times before but this is the first time we remembered to take photographs. You can have your steamed chicken with a variety of things such as fragrant rice, rice noodles or porridge. Below is the picture of the chicken porridge. As far as porridges goes, this is about average. Notthing compared to the superb porridge in Petaling Street.

Next to arrive was the "cha siew". Now this is really really good "cha siew". The meat is nice and juicy (althought can be abit fatty at places) and the sauce that they put on top is out of this world. Kind of regret ordering porridge as the sauce would have gone very well with the fragrant rice.

The last thing to arrive was the mandatory steamed chicken. One thing about "Fei Por" is that her chickens seem to be quite big. So be wary when the person taking your order recommends half a chicken. I would say order for the amount of people eating rather than quarter/half/whole chickens. The chicken is not bad. Again the sauce that the put on top is good (different than the one used for the "cha siew" but also very good!)

On other occasions we have ordered the bean sprouts and the meat ball soup. All in all a very decent chicken rice place but it can be quite expensive.

Makan King's rating = 6.5 out of 10

-BKT King-

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beard Papa's @ Midvalley Megamall

Yes I know. This post is due long ago. Anyway, after extensive reviews from other bloggers, here is my view of beard papa's cream puffs.....

One cream puff will set you back RM3.50 a piece. If you buy more than 5 pieces then its RM3.30 each. Anyway, after placing your order, the person behind the counter will start pumping the puff pastry full of cream!! They will only fill the puff pastry if when someone orders.

Each cream puff is put into a little paper bag. Kinda like the type you get when you buy Auntie Anne's pretzel. Anyway, these are then put into a bright yellow box. So far so good.

On first bite, I noticed that the puff pastry is a little dry. But.....................the cream filling makes your forget the dry pastry. The cream is really good. Custardy and you can actually see some vanilla seeds(?) in the cream!! This is still the best cream puff I have ever eaten. If you disagree and think that there is another one out there that is better, let us know please! =D

Makan King Ratings = 7 out of 10

-BKT King-

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brr.. WINTER WARMERS - Taipei Jan 2006 Part III


Shop 2
Sugar Cane Soup Base HotPot (Shua Shua Wo) Translation: Shabu Shabu @ Da An

Tiger Prawns on ice

Shabu shabu sized chicken strips

Believe it or not It's PORK Not Beef !

The Vege Basket - The chef have selected these veges according to which type of soup base you order

Personal Hotpot so you don't have to eat your friend's saliva ! (A Plus Point for this restaurant)

Ma La Hot Pot Shop 3

They have almost the same ingredients as Shop 1 but the Chilli soup base is alot more spicy!

Haagen Daz Mansion - They've got RED BEAN FLAVOUR according to our local store, the waiter informs us that by april Red Bean will reach MY !! YAY!! Forgot to take pics it was too good hehe.
Happy Hot Potting Everybody !
-Ketchup Queen Signing Off ^_^-

The Best of Taipei Jan 2006 Part II There's a queue to queue @_@ ? wtf?

The Overrated Ting Tai Fong - Is it worth the wait ?! NO !!!

When we got off the cab - we were screaming inside our heads when we saw the amount of people queuing for the queue to get in.

When we saw most of the customers are tourist we knew it's not good d

AFTER 55 MINUTES... We managed to get into the restaurant they have special baskets for the ladies' bags. That doesn't make up for the fact that crystal Jade is better u know !

First Dish Pork Chop Noodles

The waitress said this is Doe Meow it doesn't look like Doe Meow but it's quite nice but a tad oily.

Peanut Sauce Noodle - Not nice one...

We ordered a few Xiao Long Pao - this is the original - They are soupy - still nothing to wow about.

This is the crabegg Xiao Long Pao we think that the original one tastes better

Xiu Mai - Very Cute Design - But the taste - Disappointing. The Skin is too thick and the prawns are not fresh.

Okay don't want to waste any more time blogging something that's unworthy to blog about.

Makan Kings Rating : 4 out of 10.
- Tofu Delivery King -

The Best of Taipei Jan 2006 - Ni How !

The Must- Eats

Oyster Mee Sua

Deep Fried Fresh Oyster + Prawn Dumpling !

In set - YAN SU JI - Fried Chicken marinated in pepper & salt. Once you start munching.. You can't Stop ! I'm sure they have sprinkled "special ingredients" other than pepper n salt to make it THAT tasty.

Ni How ! ladies and gentlemen ^_^, I agree that the previous post was RUBBISH !! No need to post better hor?
The answer to why there are lack of updates is due to various reasons:

1. The MakanKings are too occupied with scouting and eating nice nice food around asia they've forgotten the existence of this blog.

2. Even if they've remembered this blog, they are too lazy to move their fingers after all those yummy courses as they have to preserve their manpower to digest the food ma..

3. They've been travelling around this few months and all those year end celebrations - cny spring cleaning + christmas celebrations + annual dinners kept them busy as a bee .

Enough blabbing,
The MakanKings have decided to venture out their eating expedition abit bringing the best of asia to this blog and this time around, we went to Taipei. Brace yourselves this is a Long ass post.

Taipei Night Market (A MUST GO) for sampling local delicacies & snacks
Taipei is famous for their night markets and it's often crowded with locals and tourists(mostly asians), the two Major Mum Mum Night Markets are : RAO HER JIE YE SHI (FOOD) & SHI LING YE SHI (GOOD PLACE TO SHOP). It's best that you learn abit of mandarin before going to taipei as they can't really speak english and communication may pose a problem with non-mandarin speakers, u know la aunty & uncle ma.

1.Rao Her Night Market

The Entrance to the night market

Shao Ping - Fish Pancakes Ketchup Queen's personal favourite. The best flavours are creamery butter which tasted more like custard + the original red bean flavour.

Takopachi another dish sold by the pancake shop (traditionally also sold in japanese Shao Ping shop, in taiwan everything is inspired by the Japanese the deco the food and even the way they talk most taiwanese speaks japanese fluently. Even the ah kongs and ah mas.

Freshly baked cheese breadsticks

The Muar Chee Stall - they look like sea cucumbers to me

Then we have the chestnut stall

XXL Barbeque Chicken

We had to wait for this Roast Pepper Pork Bun (in line for 20 mins), the queue was horrifying lucky we were there early. What's inside? Pork marinated in various herbs and spices then baked inside a tandori styled oven and Ding ! Pao is ready.

The Packaging

It looks scary upfront, the taiwanese love to eat mini crabs fried boiled whatever.

Another snap shot of the workers making the Pepper Bun

Cheh Gyoza only ma what's the big deal? The big deal is it's the best gyoza i've ever tasted ! Piping hot + bite size + meat inside damn soft + and thickness of the skin hardly can taste it. Gyoza m&m style = it melts in your mouth. :D

I can't help but to take this pic it's so cute Hand Made Cartoon Lollies

Suan Mei Tang + Winter Melon Soup

Translation of the red & yellow sign board - Third Mom's Smelly Smelly Hotpot = they dip the hot pot ingredients inside the Chao Tao Fu Soup

The don't use round tables in taiwan, they practice the japanese road side dining style which is you eat right infront of the stalls. The only thing is the stalls in taipei is not as canggih as the japanese ramen stalls.

Famous Taiwanese Sausage - this one is filled with mayo + spring onions

Forget hamsters and rats (sorry, mice or whatever they call it) when you can have Sea slugs as pets

Monkichi : )

Chao Tao Fu Uncle - The SMELL - omg - it's like smelling 100 days old puke + poo poo mixed together. But everybody loves it over there.

While the brave eat their Smelly Tofu we ate Fried Prawn Pancake YuM ! We didnt order the oyster one cause its already available in MY.

Happy Snacking Everybody !
- Ketchup Queen -
PS to the makankings: Posting Pics using Blogger Dot Com Suck.