Saturday, July 29, 2006

Birthday Dinner @ Imbi Palace

We attended a friend's Birthday dinner last week. The dinner was at Imbi Palace Restaurant. We had our own private room with private waiter and captain although there was only 5 of us. Must be the amount of money being spent that night.

The first dish to arrive is the 4 Seasons Starter. It comprises of "siew yoke", salted egg yolk prawns, bacon wraps and stir fried shark fins. The prawns and the bacon wrap was very good. We went again the next day just to order the prawns!!

The stir fried shark fin was also good. They were very generous with the shark fins.

Next course is the shark fin soup. Its a little different from the usual shark fin soup that I'm used to. This one tasted very luxurious (if that makes any sense). Overall not bad!!

Someone at the table had a thing about eating shark fin so she had the "old cucumber" soup. It was served in a hollowed out cucumber and had loads of dried scallops, prawns and meat. I did not try this soup but people who did said it was GOOD!!

Next came the Peking Duck. As usual the captian craved out the skin while the waiter wrapped it in the pancake together with sliced cucumber and spring onions.

We told the captain to chop up the duck drumsticks for us. It was very delicious. Smooth, salty and oily. Ahhh!!! Heaven...

Next dish that came was the soft shell crabs. It was fried dried with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Quite good but I found it abit too salty. Maybe its because of the duck.

The next dish to arrive is the tofu dish. As with all the dishes that night. It was really delicious with generous amounts of dried scallops, prawns, mushrooms and meat. They also threw in a few stalks of kailan for good measure! :D

The last of the main course to arrive was the duck noodles. The duck meat from the peking duck was shredded and fried with noodles. Another very good dish. Although I thought that there are not enough noodles and too much duck meat.

Now we move onto the desserts!! The first is the "Wor Peng". Ketchup Queen has sort of a soft spot for "Wor Peng" so she througly enjoyed this!!

The last dessert is the mango, sago, pomelo dessert. Sorry I dont know what its actually called but it was nice, cold and delicious!!

Overall a very excellent meal!! Thanks to JS for the lovely meal!!

Makan King's ratings = 7 out of 10

-BKT King-

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Paris Day 2 - Le Grande Cafe

After shopping we went for dinner at Le Grande Cafe. Its an old-fashion french cafe. It feels very posh inside. The food was D-E-A-LICIOUS!!

First up is the appertiser. It consists of cold seafood. Among them are scallops, prawns and oysters.

Our first main course is the pan-fried lobster. The waiter brought a live lobster to our table to ask us if the size is ok. Then the lobster was pan-fried with a white wine sauce. Dont know how to describe la. VERY GOOD!!!

Next main course is roasted duck. The duck was very crunchy and tender. It came with a side of mashed potatoes which was also quite good!

Our 3rd main course is the pan-fried salmon. It was served with a side of mashed potatoes and a glass of carrot and orange juice.

Our last dish was roasted spring chicken with gnocchi. Gnocchi is an Italian dumpling. It is made of potatoes and flour. Very interesting. Taste good too!!

Again, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking instead of writing long winded review. Actually just lazy la! :p

Makan Kings's ratings = 9 out of 10

-Tofu Delivery King-

Monday, July 10, 2006

Paris Day 1 - Pizza Pino

Hello!!! We're BACK!! Europe was delicious!! This will be the first of many post on our Europe trip. We're going to be using bigger photos this time so please excuse us if some of them are abit blurry. Anyway, back to the topic, PARIS!! Bienvenue to our Makan Kings' Eurotrip!!

Pizza Pino @ Champs-Eylsees

Our first day we ate at Pizza Pino. It is located along the main road of Champs-Eylsees, very near Louis Vuitton, George V. A super location for a superb meal.

Menu - At the entrance

The best part about this restaurants and many restaurants in Europe is that everything is made to order. After you place your order the chef will roll out the dough, make your pizza and cook it in the wood burning oven. You can actually watch your pizza being assembled at the open kitchen.

The Chefs Preparing the Pizzas with Fresh Ingredients

The Chefs Placing the Pizzas in the Wood Burning Oven.

The Mixed Platter

The first dish we ordered was the mixed platter. This dish consists of calamari, prawns, pickles, and rice with tomato paste and grilled tomato with cheese : )

The sausage with egg pizza.

The ham and egg pizza.

For our main course, we ordered two pizzas. One is the sausage and egg pizza and the other was the ham and egg pizza. Both pizza had toppings of tomato sauce and cheese. Then topped with the meat, sausage and ham and an egg cracked in the middle. DELICIOUS!!

Not much description of the food but we think the pictures should be doing the talking. Stay tuned for more on our European adventure.

Makan Kings ratings = 9 out of 10

-Tofu Delivery King-