Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Paris Restaurant

New Paris Restaurant at PJ (Around SS2 Area)

We had dinner at New Paris Restaurant today, a restaurant which is quite famous around PJ area. It’s because the food is nice yet affordable.

We started with “Soup of the Day” Lotus Root Soup with Pork and Peanuts. The soup is very nice as it had been double boiled for at least 6 hours. The soup tasted very nice it’s because the sweetness of lotus root and “pai kuat” mixed. Is a good start of the meal.

After we had the soup, all the dishes is prepared on the table in less than 10 minutes. The speed of service is FAST!

We ordered “Marmite Pork Chop” Can’t imagine the marmite cook with pork chop can tasted so nice. All of us finished this dish in 5 minutes. The pork chop tasted so nice and it’s soft.

Deep Fried “Africa Fish” – The fish is deep fried and goes with soy sauce. The fish is very fresh and crispy. However the soy sauce so so only. Prefer the one in Pudu Area.

Stir Fried Green Vegetables with Garlic – This is one of the nice dish. Tasted just nice and the vegetables is young and fresh. EAT MORE VEGE!

Curry Prawns – Finally the last dish we ordered is Curry King Prawns. As you can see the prawns are quite big and fresh. The curry sauce tasted so nice. Not too spicy and not too sour. We ordered extra rice to finish up the curry sauce.

Imported Dragon Fruit – Yes.. See the difference. It’s RED in color! The latest imported dragon fruit which costs us RM 6.00 for this plate. We bought it from TESCO while on the way back and enjoy it at home.

Makan King's ratings = 7 out of 10 (staff's attitude must improve)

-Tofu Delivery King-

Thursday, October 27, 2005

**- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts -** @ Harrods, Knightsbridge London

Yes.. We went UK (London and Manchaster), Paris and Barcelona on Sept 2005... And remember that someone did hinted that we're in the Europe... hahaha... it's TRUE :)

Ok..Let's go into the main biz.. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! One of the best doughnuts in the world.. Mister Donut (we tried in Bangkok) Rank number 2... Dunkin Donut number 3..... and so on. Heard from a friend that if you want to operate Krispy Kreme in Malaysia, the condition is you must have at least USD 30 million net worth!! Check it out at

Krisp Kreme @ Harrods, London !

Wide Selection of Doughnuts.. You name it they have it :)
Their Signature Doughnut is Original Glazed.

The Doughnuts are produced on the spot ! To ensure that it is "branded and standard".

Yes..queued for almost 25 mins and finally purchased one DOZEN Donuts which costs GBP 9.60 (almost RM70.00)...hehe...while waiting in the queue, they actually distributed the donuts(not sample, whole donuts!!) for FREE...yes yes...very good service !

We purchased 10 pcs of Original Glazed and 2 pcs of Chocolate (one with hole and another without hole) ... These donuts are really in a whole league of their own. The first thing that hits you is the wonderfull aroma from the freshly baked donuts. Then on first bite of this light, crispy yet soft donut, you get the sweet, melt in your mouth flavours from the sugar icing stuffed donut. Eating these donuts are like eating a slice of heaven!!! Help!! I have krispy kreme cravings!!!

The singature treat - Original Glazed

And this Hummer!! We saw it at Toys Dept in Harrods..and it cost GBP 5,000 (RM 35,000) . And Beckham has one of this at home for his children.

More posts from Europe coming soon. Stay Tuned!
Sorry about the quality of the pictures, photos were taken with a phone.
Comments and Suggestions Welcomed.

Makan King's ratings = 9.5 out of 10 (deducted 0.5 becoz of the price)

-Tofu Delivery King-

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Restoran Kawan Kita, Semenyih

Hi. I'm back! Sorry for the long absence. I have been deprived of the joys of the Internet for some time. Anyway, I've moved into my new place in Semenyih. One of the first place which I tried was "Restoran Kawan Kita". Me and my friends choose this restaurant because of its unusual location. You see, this restaurant is located in the grounds of a Chinese Temple. And no, it is not a vegetarian restaurant. This restaurant serves meat and alchohol.

Picture above is just the wet towel given to us. Took the picture so that you can see the address but it didnt turn out clear. Anyway, if you're coming from KL, the easiest is to take the Seremban-KL highway, turn off at Kajang and follow the signs to Semenyih. Its just straight all the way until you reach Semenyih town. You will see the restaurant on your left as you approach Semenyih town.

Above is the plate of "Yao Cheng Hong Kong Choy Sum". Sorry about the ugly picture. Was eating halfway when I realised that I havent taken any pictures. So you have to look at a half eaten plate. The vegetables were nice, fresh and crunchy. The sauce(made of oil, garlic and oyster sauce) was also nice.

Next dish to arrive was the "Fu Yong Tan" or Seremban egg. Its basically an omelette with pork slices, prawns and onions. I found this dish to be abit too oily. The piece of lettuce which the omelette was on was soaked with oil when we were done with the omelette.

The last dish to arrive was the "Nai Yu Fei Chao Yu" or butter tilapia. A whole red tilapia was filletted, and sliced into bite size pieces. The pieces were then fried with oats, spices and butter. The result? Absolutely fantastic!! Its like eating butter prawns except its fish fillets. There was a nice spiciness from the "cili padi" that was in there as well. The accompanying salad of carrots, onions and more "cili padi" was a good companion for the fish. This dish came highly recommended by the guy who took our order and I'm glad we trusted him.

Makan King's ratings = 7 out of 10

-BKT King-

Monday, October 03, 2005

On Location!!! - Kuching - Nameless Stall @ Padungan

Hi! I am BKT King. Have taken BabeKL's advice and started posting as individuals. On behalf of all of us at Makan Kings, sorry for the non-updating. This is an old post from my visit to Kuching. This little stall serves good food but I understand that its opening hours are quite erratic.

Ordered their special drink called "Hai Chao Ping". Its a deliciously sweet drink full of seaweed(the agar-agar variety), dried longans and other stuff. The bottom picture shows the seaweed.

The first of the food to arrive was tomato noodles. This dish is a Kuching specialty. It is fried noodles with tomato gravy. Its not something I would go out and try again in hurry but its probably because I dont like tomato sauce.

Next came the tom yam noodles. Now this was really really good. It had a powerful spicy kick to it. It was full of little shrimp, fish balls, meat balls and had two deep fried fish fillet sitting on top of the whole dish.

Next to come was a Foochow dish, "Cha Chu Mee". It roughtly translate to fried, braised noodles. It just means that this dish of fried noodles comes with some gravy. Another nice dish but after the kick of the tom yam noodles, it did seem abit bland.

Makan Kings ratings = 6 out of 10

-BKT King-