Tuesday, September 26, 2006

KFC Egg Tarts with Red Beans

Yes! Its time to reveal what was in the KFC bag. Nice try by anonymous to guess but it wasnt KFC Pork!!! A friend of ours went to China for holiday and brought back this bag (among other things) for us.

Upon un-wrapping we found this box (picture below). Basically says "NEW!! Egg tarts with read bean" Hhmmm....egg tarts from KFC?? At first we thought it was going to taste like original recipy tarts. But we were WRONG!!

The tarts (picture below), tasted extremely GOOD!!! Perfectly crispy (after reheat) pastry with smooth, creamy, sweet egg custard filling. At the bottom of the filling was a few whole red beans. If we didnt see the wrapper we would never believe it was from KFC.

In conclusion an extremely pleasant surprise. We really loved these eggs tarts. One of the best egg tarts we tasted. Wish we could get it here in Malaysia. Would like to thank TBS for bringing us these egg tarts all the way from China.

Makan King's ratings = 8 out of 10

-Tofu Delivery King-

Monday, September 25, 2006

Coming up in the next post.....

Here's a little teaser on whats coming up on our next post. Can anyone guess whats it going to be? Hint, its not fried chicken. :D

So stay tuned.....

-Tofu Delivery King-

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Iketeru Japanese Restaurant @ KL Hilton

Ok, time for another post!! We love KL Hilton, we love the rooms, the gym (Clark Hatch) and Chynna, their chinese restaurant. One night we decided to try their japanese restaurant, Iketeru. And we were glad we did!!!

First thing to arrive at our table was the soft shell crab handroll. Unlike handrolls at other Japanese restaurant which are filled with rice and cucumber, this handroll also features lettuce leaves. A refreshing touch to a familiar dish. The seaweed wrap is beautifully crunchy and the soft shell crab inside warm. Totally delicious.

Following the excellent handroll came the mixed sashimi platter. It includes, octopus, tuna, salmon and 2 other types of fish (sorry, I have no idea what they are... :P). For the price we expected notthing but the best quality sashimi and that is exactly what we got. Superbly fresh fish!!!

Next to come was the mixed sushi platter. It contains a mixture of sushi and needless to say it was all GOOD!! Sorry for the lack of commentary but I shall let the pictures do most of the talking today.

Ketchup Queen happens to be a huge croquette fan so naturally we ordered that for her. It was potato croquette. I didnt particularly enjoy this dish but Ketchup Queen loved it. I must say though that although being deep fried it wasnt at all oily. I also liked the side of salad that came with the dish.

After all those appertisers, came our mains. The first to arrive is the Udon Noodles. It was udon in soup and came with a side of tempura. The udon was superb!! The broth in which it was served was really really good!!! I didnt try the tempura but I was told it was very good as well.

The next main to arrive was the mixed mushroom teppanyaki. There were several types of mushrooms including shiitake and golden mushroom.

The next dish to arrive was the chicken teriyaki. This must be the best chicken teriyaki that I have ever tasted (most expensive too!)!! The chicken was tender and the sweetish sauce was soooo good we asked for more!!

Next was the salmon teriyaki. Another superb dish. The salmon was cooked just right and again the sweetish teriyaki sauce shined!!!

The chicken teppanyaki came next. It was good but after the chicken teriyaki, this tasted a little bland (luckily it came with teriyaki sauce on the side!!!). I liked the side of crispy garlic slivers.

To accompany our main dishes, we had garlic fried rice. It is basically japanese rice fried with garlic and sprinkled with crispy garlic slivers on top. Very Very Very GOOD!!!

After all those salty food, time for sweet deserts!! We ordered two types of ice-creams. The first to arrive is the black sesame ice-cream. This is the best ice-cream I have ever had!! It taste nutty with the fragrance of sesame seeds!! Very very good.

I order the next ice-cream at every japanese restaurant I visit. The green tea ice-cream with red bean. This ice-cream is also very good, the slight bitterness of the green tea ice-cream matches perfectly with the slightly sweet nutty red bean. Ohh....HEAVEN!!!

The last of the desert happens to be Ketchup Queen's favourite, the red bean soup with "tong yuen". It was actually served in a small teacup. And there were two mini "tong yuen" inside. I didnt try this but according to Ketchup Queen, it was gooooooooooood!!!

On the whole a very very good and satisfying japanese meal. Slightly on the expensive side but in my opinion worth all the money!!

Makan King's ratings = 9 out of 10

-BKT King-

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Roti Babi @ Yut Kee

Hi everyone! First we would like to appologise for the serious lack of updates. All of us have been busy lately. Today, I will do a short post on one of my favourite kopitiams. Yut Kee!! It is just opposite Plaza Wilayah (not 100% sure thats the name of the Plaza but it is where you can go and make passport).

Pictured above is my favourite thing in Yut Kee. The roti babi!!!! It ROCKS!! I know Ruby will totally agree with me! It is shredded pork cooked with onions encased in a super soft, fluffy bread. The whole thing is (deep?) fried resulting in a crispy outer crust. Add some Worchesteshire sauce and you're good to go!!!

The above picture is the belacan fried rice. It is really good!! You can taste the slightly burned rice from the rapid frying. It comes with loads of chicken pieces, squid pieces, peas and crunchy beansprouts. Personally I find this abit too spicy but it is still good!!

On another visit (as usual, forgotten to take pictures) I have tried the hailam noodles. I find it abit bland and much prefer the belacan fried rice. Will be back for more roti babi and to try their other dishes.

Makan Kings ratings - 8 out of 10

-BKT King-