Thursday, October 16, 2008

Momotalo @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Hi guys! I'm back!! Absolutely sorry for the extreme hiatus but work has been a bitch. This review was done quite some time ago but I'm sure the restaurant is still there.

First to arrive (apart from our iced green tea) was the soup. It's sort of a miso based soup with seafood (they have others like chicken as well). Generous amounts of salmon, squid, prawns, tofu and seaweed in this sweet and absolutely delicious soup which is served in a paper pot. Best part is that the staff will constantly refill the soup at no charge.

Next the staff brought out a earthen bbq pot to start cooking our meats. We ordered a cheesy potato (in the foil) and that went on to start cooking first. Then they started cooking the lamb chops. Yes, the staff do the cooking and all you need to do is wait, enjoy friends and family company and eat once its done. Sorta like a japanese style korean bbq place.

As for carbohydrates, we had plain rice. I especially appreciate the little touches like toasted black sesame seedson the rice.

Next was the chicken. I should also say that just like a Korean bbq place, they will change the grill after each meats to ensure cleanliness. Another nice touch that I personally really appreciate.

The chicken was great! Marinated in a miso (I think) paste it was sweet and extremely savoury which made for really good eating.

Then came the seafood. The king crab. This was simply done with pepper and salt and was great way to cook the delicious crabs. Not cheap but worth every single cent.

Next we had the veggies. Apart from the cheesy potatoes (sorry, didn't manage to get a picture of the foil parcel open we had green peppers and corn. Very simple vegetables that was a nice interlude to the meats.

I love pork!! Doesn't matter how you cook it, I'll love it! Everyone knows and I'm not embarrassed to say that I regard the pig as the noblest of noble animals. They're cute when they're small, extremely smart and the meat makes for divine eating! The way it's done here is thinly sliced fatty pork simply marinated with soy sauce (again, not 100% sure). Excellent!!

Something weird however is that pork is not on the menu and in our bill there was no sign of pork. Instead we got charged for "deer"!! I smell dodgy! :p

The pork was suppose to be the last dish but a last check into the menu and we found intestines. They took the longest to cook because instead of rubbery, the staff to extra care to heat and cook it till crispy deliciousness!!

Momotalo although not a very fancy restaurant gets my two thumbs up for the excellent food and staff attentiveness. Each dish was delicious and the dipping sauce was great. Unfortunately no picture of the sauce but it's basically 3 different types that you mix.

Makan King's ratings = 9 out of 10

-BKT King-