Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dinner at Yamatokan

Charcoal Grill Dinner at Yamatokan
We were given a choice of kaiseki or charcoal grill dinner we opted for the latter because I don't really enjoy cold dishes and was really hungry that night and i need volume cause kaiseki's portion are usually quite small.
To ensure that you can dine in privacy each room has their individual dining room "more like a large cubicle" I truly bow to the japanese and their thoughtfulness in everything.
Appetizer - with an autumn flair notice the red leaves *too cute to eat*
Seafood platter

Our sushi platter

Our dinner menu
It's autumn so their cold oden is in the shape of red maple leaf so cute
Peach and Pear sorbet to cleanse the palate
Let's continue

Minced meatball hotpot

Signing off,
Ketchup Queen

Yamatokan - An Unforgettable Onsen Expenrience

Our quaint little tatami suite room with private onsen bath and a lovely japanese garden. I love it so much I felt like I was in a japanese doll house that I've never had and was playing "masak-masak" with everything that I can find in it and truly experience Japanese style of living but those that are more than five feet eight should mind their heads as Tofu Delivery King managed to knock his head on the doors several times.
I attempted to join other fellow japanese girls at their ladies only onsen (public bath for ladies) but I initially backed out because I couldn't stop staring at other people's bodies and the old japanese ladies were persuading me to join them and not to be shy but I just don't feel confident to go au natural infont of everybody hahaha and trust me it's a different kind of feeling compared to a topless beach because you are required to bath before you go into the public pool and I don't really like to bath infront of everybody... Bottom line is : I couldn't stop staring I felt bad and I left because I've embarrassed myself because to the japanese staring at others is considered very rude therefore I feel so lucky to have my own onsen bath in my own suite tee hee
You get to adjust the amount of hot or cold water and the amount of mineral water you want in your tub how considerate

Japanese style dressing table

Lazy kitty taking a nap
My room isn't that small afterall ^_^

Loved the embroidery on the cushion cover

Free japanese titbits

I sooooooo wanted to steal this needle box back home but was too chickened out to do it

Around 5pm the housekeeper will send our yukatas and amenities for us to freshen up and get ready dinner (more like a feast as you shall see)

Enjoying cuppa green tea during mid afternoon

Mini bar

Our Bathroom

Ketchup Queen Loves Onsen !!!
Makankings Rating: 10/10