Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tea for two please.

Before the guys start blabing about the europe trip, today i brought BKT king to tea and he ate it right up hahaha (well after i applied some of my girl power i.e. some friendly coercion and he finally gave in). yes tea the girly girl tradition started by the british royalty. But our rendition is the obviously cheaper version.

This is our tea set nothing extravagant but the taste.. Oohh lalaa at the end of the day it's the taste that matters not the presentation. ps: for the price we paid we can't expect it to be the Ritz standard right :P

I had commomile with honey and he had english breakfast with milk love the biscotti too

The first tier - Fresh strawberries with chocolate dip, strawberry short cake, the banana tart ooh love it and the chocolate truffles mmm

The piping hot mini scones with fresh cream and strawberry conserve

The third tier - sandwiches with abit of roe on top

The man had his seriously delicious burger

The malaysian girl had her laksa

The end. Peace : )
- Ketchup Queen Signing off -

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Time Out

Hi guys,

Firstly would like to thank you all for visiting. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. We all have been swamped with work lately. Just thought we drop by and say we will be taking a short break from blogging.

Normal posting will resume in a couple of weeks. Please do check back as we will be featuring a food tour of Paris and other new and exciting restaurants in and around Malaysia amongs other things!! So do stay tuned!

-Makan Kings & Queen-