Monday, May 30, 2005


Dear Readers,
No, we are not posting any good food today. This is just an announcement that we are experiencing some internet problems. We expect to rectify the problem around the 1st of June. Normal posting will resume then. Hope you all are patient in waiting for the next post. We promise that you will not regret it!
Please do check back here after the 1st to view the latest in the Makan Kings cullinary adventure!!
-Makan Kings-

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fried Fish......

Decided to do two post today. To make up for the lack of updates. This post is about a small stall in Jalan Pudu? To get there, turn left after Times Square (Times Square will be on your left, the left turn is at a set of traffic lights) Go straight and at the 2nd traffic lights turn left again. You will pass an open air carpark on your left. Turn left after the carpark and go straight. You will see the stall on your right. It is just next to a 7-Eleven. They specialise in Tilapia (Fei Cho) fish dishes.

Do note that this stall only opens for lunch and can be quite crowded during peak lunch time.

This is the deep fried tilapia fish. It is served with some sticky black sauce which complements the fish perfectly. Ultra simple dish but somehow taste very very good!!! The fish was fried until very crispy. Even some of the smaller bones could be eaten as it was so crispy!!

Digging into the fish!!

This is another one of the dishes the stall does. It is fried chicken. This chicken is fried in the same oil as used to fry the fish. That is probably the thing that makes this chicken simply delicious. It is served with some home made chilli sauce.

This is another side dish. Plain omelette. A simple yet somehow delicious dish. Probably the simplest dishes are those that make the best meals.

The stall also serves fried vegetables. The vegetables depend on what is available. They also have prawn as we saw another table ordering it.

Makan Kings rating = 8 out of 10

-Makan Kings-

Sashimi, Grilled Squid and Yakitori

Went to Kiku Zakura the other day. It is located in Berjaya Times Square. Ordered some sashimi, grilled squid and yakitori. Only a small meal but a very beautifully presented and delicious meal! YUMZ...

First of all, the sashimi 'boat'. Boat because it is served in a wooden serving dish resembling a boat. The sashimi was sitting on a bed of shredded radish and was accompanied by a cucumber bowl of fish roe and some wasabi. The sashimi includes fish such as salmon, butter fish, yellowtail, tuna, octopus and squid.

This is the closeup picture of some of the sashimi. All the ingredients used were very fresh. The whole thing looked beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. The salmon, butter fish and squid were the most notable. The squid were rolled with some seaweed. Later found that the bed of shredded radish was actually ALOT of raddish. Dont think that even a horse can finish that much shredded radish!!!!

The picture above is of the grilled squid and yakitori. Ordered two sets of each. A set of grilled squid comprised one whole squid grilled with some japanese sweet sauce. A set of yakitori included two sticks of chicken (sort of a japanese satay) also grilled with the same sweet sauce.

A closeup of the squid. The squid was grilled to perfection. It had the perfect bite the perfect amount of the sweet sauce. This is one nice dish to just chew!! Makan Kings recommends that one orders some sake or beer to have with this!!

This picture is a closeup of the yakitori. Again it was grilled to perfection and the sweet sauce was very good!! Can be eaten on its own or add some chilli powder to it. Also recommended to eat with sake or beer!!

Makan Kings rating = 7 out of 10

Some readers have told us that the food we feature on this blog all get a good review from us. We would like to clarify that this is because food that is below standard will not make it onto this blog. We will only blog about GOOD food!!

-Makan Kings-

Change of plans.....

Dear Readers,

Was thinking about the blog and where it would lead to the other day. Decided to do proper food reviews rather than just talking about the food we eat. We will now include the restaurants name and some address or directions. Those not familiar with KL roads might find the directions meaningless but do understand as we might not have the restaurant's full address handy. Stay tuned for updates!
Do not worry if all the old post becomes missing, might delete the whole blog and start fresh. Have not decided yet. In the meantime, please do check back from time to time as we start to change the content of the blog.

-Makan Kings-

Monday, May 16, 2005

Trip North Part 2 (Shanghai Steamboat)

Had a wonderful steamboat dinner one of our trip up north. Must be the best steamboat we've ever had.

First, the side dishes. The top picture is She Ji To (literally means four season beans). These were fried with some mince pork. A little bit spicy and VERY good. The bottom picture is the 2nd side dish which is one of the most famous dishes in Shanghai which is Xiang La Xie (literally means fragrant and spicy crabs). Another very good dish!!

The above picture is the steamboat setting.

Above picture is belly pork for the steamboat. Basically thinly sliced meat from the belly of the pig.

This picture is of fish fillet. Also for the steamboat

The brown stuff on the left of the above picture is pig kidney and the white one on the right is quail's eggs. Both also for the steamboat. There were more stuff for the steamboat but we were too busy eating to take any photos.

This is the boiling steamboat. The bottom one is satay soup and the top one is chinese herbal soup. Both also very good! Yumz!!

The top picture is the covered steamboat boiling and the bottom picture is of the finished product.

-Makan Kings-

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Post Alchohol

Went to Zeta last night. Feeling hungry after drinking so decided to head down to this huge food court and get a dose of hawker food!! Anyone else gets hungry after drinking or is it just us?

First was from the grilled fish stall. Ordered a grilled stingray and some sotong. The stingray was grilled with sambal and was dryer compared to the sotong which was cooked with the same sauce. Both were good, hot and spicy!!

Next was chee cheong fun. Ended up with two plates for some unknown reason. Both were from different stalls though. Both were equally good but the one in the bottom picture had more although both stalls charged the same.

Hawker food favourite! Char kuey tiaw. This one was fried with all the usual stuff, prawns, taugeh, eggs and spring onions. Asked for it to be spicy and it turned out good. Abit more spicy would have been better though.

This dish is called the mixed salad. Name sounded interesting so ordered a plate of it. Ended up being just battered and deep fried chicken, sotong and prawns tossed with some french fries and with a side of salad. Not too bad but notthing to shout about either.

Now the picture above! Thats something to shout about! Its stewed duck or more commonly known as loh ark. Came with half an egg and served on its on little stand with a tea candle at the bottom to keep it warm. Very nicely done. The duck was good and the sauce was excellent!!

This one is shanghai dumplings. Basically pan fried dumplings. It was served with a vinegar and shredded ginger sauce.

-Makan Kings-

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lazy Day.....

Feeling lazy to go out today. Decided to tapao (buy back) some food and open a bottle from the celler for dinner. Food of choice were some sashimi and various kinds of sushi. Bottle of choice..............Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial. Who doesnt like a good bottle of bubly??

Picture of the food!! Very delicious sushi. Too bad the hand rolls were already soft by the time it got back home. The bubbly went very well with the sushi.

Ah!! A picture of a glass of the Moet & Chandon. Need more be said?????? Sometimes eating at home can be a very good and delicious experience.

-Makan Kings-

Finally!! Female Crabs with Roe!!!!!!

Finally! After searching high and low for female crabs with roe. We found them!! Very hard to find but well worth the effort!!

This place serves a variety of seafood as you can see from the above pictures. Can either be grilled ala ikan bakar or baked.


We were there for only one! The female crabs!! Simply barbecued. The taste is so good! It was like we died and went to heaven!!

To wash down all that lovely crabs. Ordered Teh O Ais Limau (Iced lemon tea) and air bandung (milky rose syrup). The air bandung contained too much colouring but the teh o ais limau was good and refreshing!

-Makan Kings-

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tim Sum!!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the two days. Been quite busy. Will post up pictures of what we ate for the past two days but today want to blog about the delicious tim sum we had for lunch!!

Started off with steamed tim sum a.k.a. dumplings. The one above is very good. The black sause is sort of vinegarry. Good start to a meal!!

Next one is the tim sum must have! Har Kao (Prawn Dumplings). These ones were juicy and were stuffed with big fat prawns! DELICIOUS!

Another tim sum must have is the Cha Siew Pao (Roasted meat steamed bun). The bun itself was nice and fluffy and the roasted meat inside was nice and very tasty. Very good considering that the restaurant doesnt serve pork. The bun is as good as those made using pork.

The two pictures above are Chee Cheong Fun. The top one is Cha Siew Chee Cheong Fun while the bottom one is prawn Chee Cheong Fun. The Chee Cheong Fun itself was nice and thin. Again the Cha Siew was nice and tasty and the prawns were fat and juicy.

Needed something abit more filling than paos and dumplings. So decided to order Yong Chow Fried Rice. The fried rice tasted very good. It had the perfect oilyness to it. Not too oily neither too dry.

Next were the pastries. The top ones are Fried Raddish Cake and the rounds ones are Ham Sui Kok (Literally means salt water pastry). The bottom picture is of Egg Tarts (Obviously!). Lazy to describe but will just say that all are as good as they look!

After all that food. Time for dessert!! Tau Sar Tong Yuen. The Tong Yuen were stuffed with something that tasted like sweet grainy peanut butter! YUMZ!! And the red bean paste soup was also nice. Not too sweet!

-Makan Kings-

Friday, May 06, 2005

Porridge, Japanese Food

Woke up early this morning. Decided to go have our favourite pork ball + shredded chicken rice porridge (picture above) with a side order of 'siew yoke' (well, actually the porridge stall doesnt sell 'siew yoke', it was bought from another stall nearby.

Above picture is a close up of the fantastic pork ball + shredded chicken rice porridge and the equally fantastic 'siew yoke'.

For lunch, decided to have some good japanese food.

The 'Tori Aspara Set' (above picture). Not really sure if the spelling is correct but this set includes a salad, miso soup, pickles, rice and fried chicken rolls. Asparagus were rolled into the chicken and deep fried, served with lemon and what seemed like tarta sauce.

Closeup of the fried chicken rolls (above picture). The green stuff in the middle of the rolls are asparagus.

For side dishes (we cant help ourselves!!) we ordered a Spider Roll (top picture) and a mixed Sashimi platter. The Spider Roll is basically soft shelled crab maki. The mixed Shashimi platter included salmon, tuna, squid, scallops and another type of fish which we dont know.

Will be posting dinner pictures later so stay tuned!!

-Makan Kings-